Software Research and Development

We also engage in developing software of all shapes and sizes, as we do not let programming languages and technology platforms get in the way. Hence, the phrase "research and development."

We can easily switch at a moments notice from technology to technology, programming language to programming language, as it is actually easier than most people think. Our expertise range from low-level firmware technologies to high-level web technologies.

Firmware Circuit Board

We welcome any firmware development project as we have had experience developing printers, storage devices, mobile platforms, robotics and many others. We welcome driver development, OS porting, as well as applications development over a wide range of domains and platforms, including Linux, Windows, Symbian OS and Android. This includes the use of C/C++ programming languages, including Assembly language if needed.

However, due to its promise of flexibility and more usage in terms of wide-ranging applications, we specially focus on web technologies and security, centering around the use of Java and J2EE. We also welcome PHP, Ruby and other web-based technologies.

Standards and Methodologies

We adhere to internationally accepted standards when it comes to our processes -- for example, we aim for a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) rating of Level 5 and this shall be achieved sometime in the near future.

CMMI Rating System

We also adhere to international project management standards. As part of our training and promotion system, we encourage our project managers and require our senior project managers to take and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). These certifications, coupled with our use of a modified PRINCE2 project management standard developed in Europe, ensures that you get good quality software delivered on-time.

System Deployment

We use only industry best-practices and continue to learn and adapt methodologies and processes that help us achieve our work better and faster. Our system deployment process below, for example, was adopted from Sun and was modified to suite our particular implementation experiences.

System Deployment Method

System deployment plans, for example, are layed out and planned for early in the analysis and design phase of the project and scenarios carefully listed in accordance with user business requirements. These scenarios then affects the deployments architectures, and sometimes, even affect the design of the software itself.

Note: The circuit board image above is licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0. Photo: Harland Quarrington/MOD.