One Business. One IT System.

One Business. One IT System.

This is our vision for our customers, our mantra, our guiding principle. All our services, products, expertise, efforts and ideals are summed up in these words. It is our hope that all businesses someday be able to focus more on their business, their staff focusing on their assigned work, as our SolidCore® range of products takes care of their processes and operations.

If you are still starting out, and is just preparing to embark in investing in computer and IT systems for your business, we suggest that you start by availing of our Professional Consultation Services. We will be your guide in planning your IT strategy for growth. As your business and operation grows, your IT strategy should be able to help you decide on which solution or system to acquire or develop when the time comes. This ensures proper integration of systems, and less headache and more productivity in the future.

If you are already partially or fully computerized, with system components needing to talk to each other, our Systems Integration Services will find ways in making them work together. We found that this is where most customers are having problems. Our wide and deep knowledge in information technology not only enables us to tackle any technical problems, our more than two-decades experience gives us the confidence that we can solve most, if not all, integration needs.

One IT System

If you are already using expensive enterprise software and wants to get rid of those crippling annual maintenance fees, may we suggest our SolidCore® range of products. SolidCore is a stack of enterprise functions that embodies and manifests our mantra "One Business. One IT System." It approaches enterprise processes with simplicity. It makes use of our experiences integrating systems. Its what enterprise systems should be -- your partner in helping your business grow, your business' backbone.