SolidCore® Enterprise Systems Products

Our SolidCore® Enterprise Systems range of products was borne out of our experience integrating various systems under various domains and developing software from the most basic, machine-coded firmware and driver softwares using Assembly programming languages, to the more complex, web technologies-based applications using object-oriented Java or C++/C#.

SolidCore® comes a long way from the monolithic, complex, configuration-based enterprises systems of today. First, it does not need specialized knowledge as any Java developer may be able to extend our core products to suit the customers' requirements. These results in tremendous savings in maintenance and IT personnel investments.

SolidCore Stack

Second, unlike the current enterprise systems which were initially designed before the advent of the internet as a viable platform for the enterprise application, SolidCore® was designed with the internet and its now mature technologies in mind. It thus utilizes these technologies to the fullest, creating a simple-to-use system, you'll be amazed why there is a lot of complaints regarding the complexities of the current major enterprise systems in the first place.

Third, we are aware that our greatest assets are our engineers and technology specialists, without which SolidCore® would not have taken shape. They were specially trained to have that Japanese-mindset with regards to quality and discipline in delivery, yet retaining their Philippine roots which results in creativity and flexibility, especially with regards to the user-interface design.